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Analysis of production steps of inverted wire drawing machine

Jul 27, 2018

First check the lubrication of each lubrication point of the inverted wire drawing machine and confirm that the gas and water pressure in the system are normal. Check the trolley for the drop frame, pull the trolley and the drop frame into place, and lower the fingers to connect the finger to the drop frame. Turn on the power of the inverted wire drawing machine and start the AC main motor to run at no load. Place the wire drawing die into the mold box.


Put the steel wire that has been finished into the drawing die, and press it in the wire drawing pliers. Hang one end of the wire drawing pliers on the reel, and operate the speed control button to make the reel pulling wire rotate slowly for 10-20 turns and then stop. Take the pull-down pliers and exit the 2-3 turns of wire, manually control the air valve, so that the pressure roller presses the wire on the reel, and the retracted wire is introduced into the drop frame of the inverted wire drawing machine.


Note that the main unit of the inverted wire drawing machine is started at a lower speed and gradually accelerated to slowly enter the normal working state. Do not perform any operations on the lower part of the machine while the equipment is in operation. After the drop line is full, turn off the inverted wire drawing machine. Manually control the air valve to release the pressure roller, disengage the finger, and push out the trolley. Lift the wire on the drop frame and push it into the car to repeat the operation.http://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com/