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Copper wire drawing machine equipment broken wire solution

Jul 26, 2018

Copper wire drawing machine equipment can pull different specifications of copper wire according to production requirements, however, in actual production, the problem of broken wire may occur. The reason why such a problem occurs may be that the wire drawing die of the copper wire drawing machine device may cause the sizing area of the wire drawing die to become large due to normal wear during uninterrupted production.


Secondly, there may be quality problems in the material itself. During the drawing of the copper wire drawing machine, if the material has irregular quality defects, it will cause the monofilament to be broken by various unpredictable tensions during wire drawing deformation. This situation is less common when the rod is good. In addition, it may be because the annealing current in the production is not constant, the current is suddenly high, and the monofilament is pulled off during the annealing process or is smashed by the catastrophic high current.


In response to this problem, the solution we can take is to select different mold matching schemes according to different rod materials and continue to explore in production. Moreover, when starting up, pay special attention to the change of annealing current, and adjust the annealing current according to the change of line speed, so that the annealing current will gradually increase with the increase of line speed, and ensure the copper wire drawing machine equipment. The normal operation.http://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com/