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The Control Of The Production Quality Of The Small-sized Copper Wire Drawing Machine

Nov 30, 2017

After the inspection, start the small-sized copper wire drawing machine according to the requirements, so that the operation speed can be  gradually from slow to fast. In this process, attention should be paid to the synchronization of the main engine and the take-up. If it is not synchronous, the equipment must be shut down before adjustment. The equipment can be restarted for production operation.

During the operation of the small-sized copper wire drawing machine, the on-site staff should pay attention to the view of the cable arrangement. Bear in mind that the stacking line or the collapse line should not occur at either end of the take-up reel. If necessary, adjust the wire arranging limit switch, so that the wire arranging is even. If you need to adjust the annealing voltage size, you should first adjust to the dynamic tracking state, and change the " annealing coefficient" to change the annealing voltage online.

If the annealing coefficient is increased, the annealing voltage can be increased, and vice versa reduced. In fact, the annealing voltage of the small-sized copper wire drawing machine can be changed by adjusting the " annealing voltage ". When the production operation is finished, press the stop key, or reach the setting meter length, the main engine will automatically slow down until closing down. Note that if there is disconnection during the running period, the equipment should be shut down and then inspected.

After the problem is solved, it can be used. In order to ensure the production quality of the small-sized copper wire drawing machine, in actual production, carefully check before the copper rod gets on the train, so as to ensure that the copper rod used is in accordance with the quality requirements. At the same time, the welding of the copper rod should be smooth and firm. During the operation of the equipment, the unit should be inspected regularly, the diameter of the wire should be measured and the surface of the wire should be observed. If there isinsufficient lubrication and the wire model wear should be adjusted in time.

In addition, the on-site staff also needs to check the synchronization of the small-sized copper wire drawing machine. If it is found that the synchronization is not synchronous or the tension is not constant, the adjustment should be given in time, and the wire arranging should be in order. If the wear of the drawing drum is found, it is necessary to adjust it for use as soon as possible. After both sides wear, the wire drawing rim section should be replaced in time.