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How To Control The Outside Diameter Tolerance During The Operation Of The Copper Wire Drawing Machine?

Dec 05, 2017

In the practical work, the copper wire drawing machine often needs a long time continuous production operation, so some abnormal problems will inevitably appear. One of the common problems is the out of sync phenomenon of the wire drawing speed and annealing of the copper wire drawing machine. This will lead to the instability of the wire drawing speed, resulting in intermittent and irregular changes in the wire diameter.

Such problems mainly can be summarized into three reasons. The first is because the force of the reservoir wheel has changed. The main performance is that in the process of the copper wire drawing machine, the tension is different. The reason may be because there are many places in the production workshop to use air pressure, it may not be able to ensure the air pressure of the air pump of the wire drawing machine.

At the same time, the take-up speed of the copper wire drawing machine is kept unchanged, while the tension of the accumulator is constantly changing, which leads to the tolerance of the outside diameter of the monofilament. In this case, it is necessary to strengthen the lubrication and maintenance of the accumulator, in order to avoid the reverse friction force during the high-speed operation of the equipment, so the line drawn out is fine.

The second reason is that the copper wire has obvious dithering on the annealing wheel. In this way, in the annealing process of the copper wire drawing machine, it will cause the current density of annealing is different. In this case, the strength of the copper wire is relatively low, so it is likely to strike a fire on the annealing wheel, so that the surface of the copper wire is not uniform.

The third reason is that due to the longer use time, there is serious wear. When serious wear occurs, the constant speed, hauling speed and take-up speed of the copper wire drawing machine are very likely to match each other, which leads to the finer wire drawing.http://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com/