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Reliable and High quality Steel Wire Drawing Machine

Mar 14, 2017

Product Detail

Basic Info

Steel Wire Drawing Machine

  • Usage:Wire, Rope Wire, Prestressed Steel Wire

  • Condition:New

  • Certification:CE

Product Description
Steel Wire Drawing Machine

Dry, straight and high speed steel drawing machine is used for various steel wires making application. The machine design is based on steel strength, inlet& outlet diameter, line speed and other request. With the latest technology and high machine quality, the machine could run at very high speed matching other world famous competitors.

pulley wire drawing machine Characters:
1. Rigid structure
2. Powered motor
3. Sensitive tension roller
4. High speed
5. Special capstan surface treatment
6. Drawing capstan inner water colling and out colling
7. Die water cooling and rotating die
8. First class of electric elements
9. PLC control + touch screen operation
10. Smart programmable control and operation
11. High safety standard
12. Efficient and cost-effective

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