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Machine Maintenance Procedures

Jan 14, 2017

Machine maintenance procedures introduced approximately divided into

1, according to the lubrication diagram for bending machine provides, as required for the cup oil lubrication point refueling

2, according to the parameters set for bending machine coils

3, powered, roller and roller sports and along the positive and negative directions, check the movements are normal card dead

4, strictly according to the bending machine operating procedures and practices, in the roller to the limit position, to pay great attention to the safe operation of the equipment.

5, when the main drive down, can be carried out on rollers lift, flip bearings dumped reset and roll up

6, in the process, if irregular noise, shock and other anomalies, should immediately stop checking

7, every officer in the operations coordination, follow the coil head's orders, without a password, ban start the machine

8, coil operation should be very aware of when hands are steel or steel plate that involved.

9, with driving when lifting plates or reels, please don't and machine collide. Coil over, complete the area Qing, and equipment maintenance work, turn off the power this article reproduced from the air force of shearing machine.

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