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Laser Cutting Machine For Exhaust Air Treatment

Jan 14, 2017

Laser cutting machine for exhaust air treatment: exhaust air treatment is generally only for cutting local operations, specifically the air flow control, making local work places not contaminated by harmful substances, maintaining good air environment. General local exhaust units for the gas-collecting hood, duct Fan 4, purification systems and parts. Local exhaust according to the different collection methods can be divided into stationary local exhaust systems and movable local exhaust system. Fixed local exhaust system is used to place fixed and the operation mode of large CNC cutting workshop, according to the actual location of fixed gas-collecting hood of. Movable local exhaust systems flexible, according to different conditions, different working posture, ensure efficiency and operator convenience. Dust and harmful gases purification system for CNC cutting usually bag or electrostatic precipitation combined with adsorbent of purification, high efficiency, stable working conditions.

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