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High-speed Straight-Wire Drawing Machine Which Advantages

Jun 14, 2017

In the Wire Drawing Machine market, which includes a lot of different types of wire drawing equipment. For the user, this can be based on the actual situation of a flexible choice. One of them is a high-speed straight-Wire Drawing Machine. In contrast, this type of drawing equipment has a lot of advantages, you know what are included? Here we look at the specific content.

This high-speed straight-Wire Drawing Machine does not only avoid some of the shortcomings of the pulley-type wire Wire Drawing Machine, but also has many advantages, such as high-speed, straight and multi-pass and so on. So in the drawing work, you can achieve higher efficiency and drawing quality. So what's the specific advantage of it? Here we take a look at it

First of all, this straight into the Wire Drawing Machine equipment from the structure of the improvement and optimization, this way, you can avoid coordination of control issues. In addition, it can solve the problem of position error, greatly enhance the accuracy so far. Second, it can also be used directly on the excision of the signal, so in the actual operation, you can achieve the effect of progressive transmission, to achieve a multi-purpose machine.

Finally, this straight into the wire Wire Drawing Machine equipment also has the function of active release line, but also specially equipped with a mechanism to adjust the tension. So the user in the course of the operation, it will feel very convenient, because the device can automatically line, so as to solve the abnormal problems such as fracture.

However, we in the use of the process, but also need to do a careful protection work, in order to facilitate this straight into the wire Wire Drawing Machine equipment to maintain a good long-term working condition. Note that it is necessary to perform the maintenance in a state where the equipment is completely stopped after the shutdown.