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Efficient And Practical Advanced Laser Cutting Machine

Jun 01, 2017

Laser cutting machine has a long history in industrial applications. Laser cutting machine in industrial applications Laser cutting began in the early 1970s. And because of its cutting size of good quality, fast, high precision, high efficiency, in a variety of industrial machinery industry has been widely used. With the laser device power level, stability and reliability improvement and processing technology progress, its application gradually expanded to a variety of metal and non-metallic sheet cutting. According to these years of statistics show that: in the world of laser industry applications, the proportion of laser cutting is the largest.

Efficient and practical advanced laser cutting machine. Fiber laser cutting machine appearance, the structure of a new design upgrade. High-power fiber laser cutting machine, the appearance is very new and beautiful, efficient and practical also undertake the characteristics of precision cutting. Here are a few detailed analysis:

1. With the international advanced lasers, with sub-pumping system, safety protection system, nozzle sticky slag automatic cleaning system, automatic lubrication and recovery system, which has high precision, high efficiency and high stability advantages, called metal processing The best artifact.

    2. Flat-pull exchange table configuration, speed to complete the exchange, shorten the standby time, effectively improve the efficiency of the value, but also more environmentally friendly energy.

    3. Equipped with a cover around the device, you can maximize the protection of personal safety, reducing the cutting dust pollution.

    4. Equipment with a stable mechanical structure to ensure smooth, high-speed, high-precision operation; the same time, compact structure, small footprint, easy operation and maintenance, to meet the industry 24-hour demand.

At present, most of the key technologies of fiber lasers are in the hands of one or two consumer manufacturers in Europe and the United States and other countries, the majority of machines are expensive, most of the machine price in more than one million, low power is also in the tens Million or so, cutting because of fiber cutting very thin air consumption, the other fiber laser cutting machine is difficult or even can not cut aluminum, copper and other high-reflective data, and cutting the plate when the speed is very slow laser cutting machine.