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Water Tank Wire Drawing Machine Has Outstanding Advantages

Jun 01, 2017

1, pass the increase is the development trend of Water Tank Wire Drawing Machine

Water Tank Wire Drawing Machine Dryer drawing machine in the lubrication and cooling has a prominent advantage, a variety of fine specifications of high-performance steel wire such as steel cord steel wire, high pressure hose steel wire rope wire are produced by Water Tank Wire Drawing Machine, Water Tank Wire Drawing Machine pull more times, suitable for high total compression rate of the product drawing, drawing steel wire cooling, lubrication conditions, these conditions determine its most suitable for drawing fine diameter, high strength steel wire.

Water Tank Wire Drawing Machine drawing pass is usually 18-22 times, with the performance requirements of the wire to improve, so the number of times the road can not adapt to the production of high-strength thin wire, so increase the drawing of the water tank is the development of the machine trend. The increase in the number of times the use of its technology put forward a higher demand, that is, the control of the sliding capacity of the tank drawing machine.

2, the principle of the minimum slip

Water Tank Wire Drawing Machine is a sliding wire drawing machine, the production of steel wire according to the specifications of the production of wire when the contact groove and quenching tank between the midpoint of the location is more appropriate, the electric heating line transformation, after a period of production to achieve the desired Effect, mainly in:

(1) in the original technical parameters almost no change under the premise of achieving a first-line goal.

(2) Since the two kinds of steel wire can be produced at the same time, when a kind of steel wire needs to run around, another kind of wire can continue to produce, thus avoiding the replacement of the product when the production of intermittent phenomenon, improve production efficiency , Reducing the cost of production.

(3) As the two different specifications of the wire can be achieved on the optimal combination of production, from the actual production line of the statistical situation, the transformation of the production line after the production of 20% -25% higher than before.

(4) to improve the utilization of equipment, especially the use of electric heating rectifier.