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Detailed Analysis Of The Structure Of Automatic Wire Drawing Machine Equipment

Jul 17, 2017

The automatic Wire Drawing Machine system is a very demanding device for speed control, requiring the control system to provide very accurate, smooth linear speed. And for the pull of the wire drawing machine than the average Wire Drawing Machine requirements higher. The whole system is more complex, more control equipment, between the various requirements of the high coordination of the motor.

Here to introduce you to the automatic Wire Drawing Machine equipment structure of the detailed analysis:

1. Winding head structure

The joint part of the head spindle and the head body is meshed with the conical body to keep the rotation accuracy of the head. Head structure for the centrifugal rise block, by the nose ontology, up block, up block key, pressure spring, nose front cover, nose back cover composition. The entire material of the nose are made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel. The high speed of the nose when the centrifugal force in the role of lifting block will be around the drum support up, the fiber is wrapped around the wire around the surface. When the winding end of the head to stop the rotation, the centrifugal force to disappear up the bulk of the free fall can unload the tube.

2. Cable device

The movement of the helical steel wire rod is divided into rotary motion and reciprocating motion. The rotary motion is realized by the belt motor through the synchronous belt drive. The reciprocating motion is realized by the servo motor through the synchronous belt, the rolling screw assembly and the linear bearing drive. Reciprocating travel between 50 ~ 200mm, change the position of the two limit sensors can adjust the reciprocating movement of the trip.

3. Cable off the device

The function of the untwisted roving threading Wire Drawing Machine is to move the wire rod toward the nose at the beginning of the winding, and the other is the increase in the thickness of the cake during the winding process. The cable gradually moves to the right (also known as traverse). So that the distance between the wire mesh and the surface layer of the cake is kept constant, so that the inner and outer layers of the cakes are consistent.

4. Change the barrel device

The barrel changer is driven by the barrel motor and the cylinder in order to switch to the appropriate roll position. The motor is driven by the reduction gear and the chain drive rotor until the head position detection sensor detects the stop; and then the turret positioning cylinder moves the rotor rotor to the designated position and firmly holds the stopper stopper. To ensure the normal operation of the drawing operation.