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Automatic Wire Drawing Machine Controller System How To

Jul 17, 2017

Automatic Wire Drawing Machine is often used in daily life, to meet the modern life of the high standards of processing requirements, in the daily production and processing has a wide range of applications.

Automatic Wire Drawing Machine is a special surface for stainless steel wire drawing processing equipment for round, cylindrical, flat sheet, chassis, cabinets, mobile phone shell, tableware, kitchen utensils and other stainless steel surface drawing processing.

Automatic wire Wire Drawing Machine can increase the effect of stainless steel surface texture of beauty, beautiful lines, remove the surface of stainless steel impurities, scratches, bumps and so on. With automatic control, reduce labor costs, improve production efficiency, disassembly belt supplies convenient and quick and so on.

Automatic Wire Drawing Machine controller system control program mainly has the following four parts:

(1) constant speed control of the wire discharge servo

The requirements of the wire motor to the greatest degree of anti-interference, to try to run at a stable speed, but also with smooth acceleration and deceleration function. Because the system at the beginning of the start, to a relatively low speed to run, and then the operator on the HMI through the bus to manually accelerate the motor to the appropriate speed to start drawing at the same time in the shutdown also requires the motor to smooth the speed down Down.

(2) adjust the servo to follow the control

Automatic wire drawing machine to adjust the servo drive diameter to receive wire drawing servo motor high-speed pulse signal, according to a certain electronic gear ratio to follow the line speed to ensure that the wire speed, while the winding servo to do a very good coordination to ensure that the system Tension control stability.

(3) constant tension control of the winding servo

The need for automatic Wire Drawing Machine winding servo in the radius of the case of increasing and maintain the servo line speed equal to ensure that the line around the smooth, not to collapse, to improve the quality of finished wire. And to achieve constant linear speed control, must be through a feedback loop to detect the actual winding wheel speed. The radius of the reel is roughly calculated by the number of layers, and then the speed of the winding motor is roughly obtained. Finally, the PID error calculation result is obtained. The linear velocity is only accurate, that is, the linear velocity difference is the smallest.