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Wire Drawing Machine Installed Energy-saving Electromagnetic Induction Heating Device

Jul 17, 2017

Now a set of wire drawing machine modified, install a set of energy efficient electromagnetic induction heating device, can save more than 30,000 yuan in the first quarter of electricity it

The traditional way of heating the existence of the Wire Drawing Machine has a rapid loss of body defects. The traditional heating method is combustion heating and electric heating method. These two methods in the energy conversion process prone to open flame, high temperature, waste gas and other pollution, but also easy to cause safe production accidents, while the existence of large power consumption, low efficiency and other shortcomings. Loss, if the coal heating temperature is not high enough, and can not be balanced heating, easy to screw deformation, plastic melting thick and thin inconsistent, the material is not smooth, and finally lead to the production of products due to uneven heating caused by gloss and color effects Down, the quality is not guaranteed.

Efficient energy-saving electromagnetic induction heating device using electromagnetic induction principle to convert electrical energy into heat, through the balanced heating to make the screw is not easy to bend deformation, not only saves maintenance costs, but also because of uniform heating, so that product quality is improved. According to statistics, after efficient energy-saving electromagnetic induction heating device after the transformation of the output of the product sales price per ton can be increased by 100 yuan to 300 yuan. And like the Wire Drawing Machine such equipment under the same conditions, than the use of resistance wire heating more than 60% energy saving. The heating device can be quickly heated to 600 degrees Celsius through intelligent control, so that workers do not have to work in coal, coke high temperature smoked environment.

Now this highly efficient energy-saving electromagnetic induction heating device has been applied to the wire drawing machine equipment, energy saving and economic protection, should be universal.