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Continuation Of Continuous Line Of Copper Wire Drawing Machine

Jul 06, 2017

The basic definition of copper wire drawing machine

Is the standard parts and other metal products production pre-processing equipment, the purpose is to produce by the steel manufacturers to the standard parts and other metal products manufacturing enterprises wire or bar through the Wire Drawing Machine drawing, so that the diameter of wire or bar, Roundness, the internal metallographic structure, surface finish and straightening have reached the standard parts and other metal products required for the production of raw materials processing requirements. So the wire drawing machine on the wire or bar of the quality of the pretreatment directly related to the standard parts, and other metal products manufacturing enterprise product quality; wire drawing machine belonging to the metal products equipment industry wire drawing machine, Wire Drawing Machine is widely used in steel wire, Prestressed steel wire, standard parts and other metal products production and pre-processing.

Due to the continuous production of copper wire drawing machine, the drawing speed will become different when the annealing step is made to the continuity of the line, not the regular change, which will result from the speed of the slow line. The reason for this phenomenon is as follows:

The tension of the reserve line is unstable on the steering wheel. Where the production workshop where the pressure may be more, which will result in the Wire Drawing Machine when the pump pressure is small, it also stores the line tension is not constant due to the constant yield, so that the drawing force is not constant, resulting in monofilament diameter deviation Can not be precisely controlled.

Copper wire annealing on the wheel vibration. When the tension state is so that the copper wire is annealed, the low current density of the annealing is large and the strength of the high speed copper is relatively low, so it is easy to cause the arc to anneal the round copper wire, the copper surface is uneven with the spark and wire diameter.

 As a result of the long-term use of the main motor gear box wear. This allows the drawing of the fixed speed winch speed and the traction speed and the winding speed to match, thereby forming monofilament attenuation.