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Working principle of Steel wire Nail Making Machine

Apr 24, 2020

1. Straightening of metal coil, feeding function:

The grooved wheel mechanism is used for feeding. When the pin wheel rotates continuously for one round, the groove wheel will rotate one quarter of a week. When the groove wheel feeds, the steel wire will be straightened automatically by the roller on the left side of the view.

2. Workpiece clamping function:

The cam mechanism is used for clamping, and the reciprocating movement of the push rod is used to realize the clamping and loosening of the steel wire. The back and forth movement of the clamping rod is realized by the continuous rotation of the cam.

3. Workpiece cold heading function:

The crank slider mechanism is used to cold-head the steel wire, the connecting rod is connected to the gear, and the gear is driven when the gear rotates.

4. Workpiece cold extrusion-cutting function:

The cam mechanism is used. The principle of the workpiece is similar to the clamping device. Move the slider back and forth to reciprocate, so as to cold upset the steel wire.