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Handling of automatic nail making machine

Apr 25, 2020

When transporting, use a crane to load and unload the wooden box containing the machine, the machine should be moved out smoothly, covered with steel rope, and the bottom or surface of the box must not be subjected to shock and severe vibration when moving and unloading. Not to put the wooden box upside down. When unpacking, check the external conditions of the machine, and check whether the vicinity and tools are complete according to the machine packing list. In addition, the unpacking machine must be lifted with a strong steel rope to prevent the rope from breaking and causing damage to the machine and personnel. The machinery and equipment must be made of concrete foundation during installation. The foundation should be poured on solid soil. Before the anchor bolt is placed in the grouting hole, the screw should be wiped with grease, but the thread part must be coated with anti-rust oil. In order to prevent the occurrence of corrosion for a long time, the bolts fail, the machinery is loose, and the machinery is damaged.