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Common faults of Automatic Nail Making Machines

Apr 26, 2020

In daily production, the most troubles encountered are the cracking of the nail tip, the nail tip and the tilt of the nail cap. It is a very simple problem for the veteran to encounter this situation, but the novice is different. The situation is often panic, do not know where to start.

In fact, these faults are particularly simple, let me explain to you next:

The first is the cracking of the nail tip. This kind of problem is actually very common. Most of the causes are divided into two types, one is the nail knife and the other is the nail wire. If you encounter this situation, you should stop the machine first, and then observe the nail cutter to see if it has any problems such as damage, chipping, and non-control of the center; if everything is normal, you need to replace the nail wire, and replace the replaced nail wire. Do the tempering treatment so that the problem can be solved.

Let me explain the problem of nail tip and nail cap tilting. In fact, the causes of these two faults can be said to be the same, but generally because the lock nut on the nail making machine is loose, the nail die, nail knife and punch are not on the same central axis. If it is confirmed that they are on the same central axis , Then you need to check whether the nail knife and the punch are worn, if the nail knife is worn, you need to re-sharpening, if the punch is worn, you need to replace it.