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Advantages of investing in nail making machines

Apr 27, 2020

1. The investment risk of the nail making machine is small: compared to the store business, there is a risk of losing money if you are not careful. The risk of setting up a nail factory is almost zero, because even if the production is transferred halfway, the remaining scrap iron will not be sold.

2. The scale of investment can be large or small, and both urban and rural areas can be invested: small-scale production only requires a simple factory shed of 50 square meters. If urban residents invest in nail-making machines, they can choose to abandoned old workshops on the outskirts of the city, and the courtyards have low rents; farmers can invest in their own courtyards and put them into production. Compared with the high rents of shop businesses, investing in nail factories can save a lot of money.

3. The market profit is relatively stable: no matter how the market price changes, the price of raw materials will increase, the finished silk will inevitably rise, the price of raw materials will fall, and the finished silk will also fall relatively. With the increasing development, the market's demand for products will also increase.

4. The raw materials are easily available, the price is low, and the profit is high: the use of scrap steel (such as demolition material) and scrap iron wire is quite small across the country. One ton can add more than 1,000 yuan