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What's the difference between an inverted vertical drawing machine?How to control its speed?

Jan 15, 2018

In the current industrial field, wire drawing equipment is also one of the common equipment.And with the development of the market, there are many different types of wire drawing equipment.One of them is an inverted vertical drawing machine, which is different from other drawing equipment.

As you all know, a wire drawing machine is one of the ideal equipment to pull the material into a silk shape.Of course in actual processing, should combine material, specification to choose corresponding drawing equipment commonly.The reason why the inverted vertical drawing machine can be trusted by users in the industry is that the technology is advanced in the receiving line.

Also as a wire drawing device, there is no obvious difference between the inverted vertical drawing machine and the ordinary equipment in other aspects.The equipment can make the steel wire fall to the wire frame in an orderly and stable way.Moreover, when the wire frame is rotated at high speed with the wire reel, there will be no chaotic phenomenon.Moreover, when the wire frame is rotated at high speed with the wire reel, there will be no chaotic phenomenon.Then the traditional drawing machine uses the pull rod to drive the falling line frame, so it is easy to break the line in the receiving line.

In the inverted vertical drawing machine ,it is also equipped with two or three line pressing roller, with a double drum, plus additional straightening institutions and guide wheel, etc, then the fall line problem in the traditional drawing machine is solved effectively, so as to ensure the quality of the line.How to control the speed of the device in the process of operating the device?This is also an important issue for some friends.

In fact, there is a close relationship between the production quality of the inverted vertical drawing machine and the running speed.Due to the complexity of the whole system,we need to be careful the coordination between the parts of the inverted vertical drawing machine while controlling its speed.In order to realize this requirement, we can adopt four servo motor control to ensure the production quality.http://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com/