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The main structure and application characteristics of large copper wire drawing machine

Jan 10, 2018

Large copper wire drawing machine equipment refers to a device specially designed for cold processing and drawing different diameters of copper wire.Analyze from the structure ,large copper wire drawing machine equipment mainly consists of the swing arm type pay-off rack, large drawing machine, double wire plate automatic taking-up and traversing machine,wire accumulator, continuous coil forming machine and pneumatic device, lubricating system, drawing liquid annealing water cooling system and electric control system, etc.

We will analyze the main components of the big pull unit.The large drawing machine of large copper wire drawing machine can be regarded as a sliding equal diameter drawing drum, mould copper wire drawing equipment.This machine is mainly composed of drawing liquid cooling circulation tank, driving gear box, driving lubricating system constant-speed wheel,main motor and constant-speed wheel drive motor.

In the structure of the large copper wire drawing machine, the main motor is connected directly with the driving gear box.The driving gear box belongs to six independent boxes, which are connected by bolt and location pin.The equipment installs the overrun clutch on the transmission chain of gear box and the constant-speed wheel to avoid drum inversion problem which causing in the process of power-off , the problem that wire break when equipment start-up could be solved.

And what needs to remind everyone is that during the using we must not to reverse copper wire drawing machine equipment,avoid to damage the equipment.Normally, 12 drums and 12 modules are installed in front of the driving gearbox.In addition, the overall structure is carefully designed and the layout is reasonable. Therefore, the rigidity of the equipment can be improved sufficiently, and the corresponding parts and specifications are more unified.

Not only that, in the actual operation process, normally we need to configure the corresponding wire drawing machine equipment to drawing lubricate cooling system.The drawing liquid is entered into a drawing liquid trough with a heat exchanger or a direct injection into the eye model of the die holder.This will greatly improve the efficiency of copper wire drawing machine equipment.http://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com/