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The relation between drawing speed and drawing force of inverted vertical drawing machine

Jan 09, 2018

Under the current technical conditions, the drawing speed and drawing force of the inverted vertical drawing machine can't be improved at the same time.This is because the corresponding pulling force decreases as the speed of the inverted vertical drawing machine is improved. Why does this happen?Let's analyze the specific reasons.

In fact, the lubrication condition of the device can be improved with the improvement of the inverted vertical drawing machine working speed.In this way, the friction coefficient can be reduced obviously, so as to overcome the external friction effectively, and the resistance of additional shear deformation will also decrease.

This means that the pulling force of the inverted vertical drawing machine will decrease.Of course, there are some benefits, which can effectively improve the safety of the equipment.In addition, the drawing speed of the equipment must also be ensured in the appropriate range, otherwise the moment of startup may cause the fracture of the steel wire.

At the same time, when the inverted vertical drawing machine speed, also need to be configured reasonable speed regulating device, at the same time to ensure the steady acceleration in the process of operation, to ensure that the drawing can be carried out as normal and homework.It is important to note that a trial run is also required before the official operation.

During the test run, the scene of operator must pay attention to check the operation status of handstand type wire drawing machine, be sure to ensure the bearing temperature rise no more than 35 ℃, and make sure all buttons are accurate and reliable.Of course, the connection of the inverted vertical drawing machine is not loose, and the whole machine is noiseless and well lubricated.

During the test run, if any problem is found, then take effective measures to deal with it.After confirming the problem of no abnormality, the operation speed of the inverted vertical drawing machine can be improved properly, so that it can gradually run to normal operation condition.http://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com/