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The requirement for lubrication of inverted vertical drawing machine

Jan 08, 2018

The first thing we need to understand that,the quality of lubricants used in the process of using inverted vertical drawing machine will directly affect the service life and product quality of the equipment.Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of processing and extend the service life of inverted vertical drawing machine, we need to choose the lubricating oil properly.

In general, when choosing lubricating oil, consider its oxidation performance and chemical properties.It is usually required that the lubricant has certain antioxidant properties and maintains a stable chemical performance.In addition, the lubricants selected should have excellent cooling performance and lubrication performance, and should be easy to clean.In fact, it plays a very important role in removing rust by inverted vertical drawing machine .

In all, in the process of inverted vertical drawing machine operation, the use of lubricating oil should be able to keep a good state, and it can generate a layer of thin film stress which bear alone pressure and not easy to be damaged.In this way, it can not only effectively reduce the friction of the whole work area, but also can improve the life of the mold.

For sure, as a user, we should check more often to the lubrication on the inverted vertical drawing machine during operation.If you find that there is a serious discoloration of the lubricant, or that there is a lot of impurities in it, then it must be replaced as soon as possible.Otherwise, when the oil is oxidized, it will adversely affect the production performance of the equipment and even damage the mold.

Since the inverted vertical drawing machine uses inverted structure,so in terms of structure, the drawing and transmission devices are installed on the same bracket.This kind of structure design can ensure the stability of the headstand of the inverted vertical drawing machine, also can increase the region of the take-up spool.