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Why the inverted vertical drawing machine is called a cost-effective product

Dec 30, 2017

In general, the new full-automatic inverted vertical drawing machine has the absolute advantage of irreplaceable.

1. The inverted vertical drawing machine has strong input and output, in the process of operation, so users can either programming terminal, speed pulse input, at the same time also can enjoy special features of analog output.

2. The new automatic inverted vertical drawing machine is under normal operating condition, where the motor torque limit is automatically limited, so it can control the effect of frequent tripping to improve the device's durability.In addition, the whole process of the equipment is fully automatic, so it can greatly reduce the labor intensity of the staff and improve the working environment of the site.

In addition, the new automatic inverted vertical drawing machine can simultaneously complete the drawing both receiving line processing, and solve the problem of the line chaos and improve the efficiency of the work.Two control modes are normally used when using wire drawing machine, which are named dual frequency conversion and single frequency conversion control.During operation, as long as the relevant parameters can be properly set, the ideal control effect can be obtained.

The main production process can be divided into three stages, such as setting line, drawing and receiving line while the new automatic inverted vertical drawing machine is working.In the production of the whole drawing line, the release line is mainly realized by the converter drive.However, some of them are used to pull the wire tension into the wire drawing machine directly through the drawing link, so as to realize the free line.

In fact, the control of tension is an important point in the production of inverted vertical drawing machine.It is usually adjusted according to different drawing materials and production requirements.The control technology commonly used in inverted vertical drawing machine has synchronous control and tension control to complete the winding work of metal products.