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How to achieve the thermal balance of the copper drawing machine?

Dec 16, 2017

As a user, we should understand that in daily operation of copper wire drawing machine equipment, we should pay special attention to one of the influencing factors.This factor is the temperature, because the temperature will directly affect the final quality of the wire.Moreover, in order to ensure the normal work of the equipment of copper wire drawing machine, it is necessary to meet certain thermal equilibrium conditions, so how to achieve the overall thermal balance?

We should analyze this problem from three different angles.That is to say, if you want to properly grasp the copper wire drawing machine of thermal equilibrium, then the main can adopt three different measures, namely, blocking the heat source, temperature control and cooling process.Let's take a look at the follow details.

To block heat source, in fact, it is necessary to take appropriate measures to protect the different systems when the copper wire drawing machine is in operation.Such as the need to turn the electric control box, static pressure spindle hydraulic station and female screw support cylinder hydraulic station independently decorate, this helps to reduce the influence of external factors, and so as to realize the heat balance of the whole machine.

In contrast, the second approach is more effective.At this point we need to provide a constant temperature control box for the different parts of the copper wire drawing machine, so that it can work in a state of near constant temperature.And the third way is actually cooling.In drawing operation, the cooling effect will directly affect the quality of wire drawing.Therefore, if we want to achieve the state of thermal equilibrium of the whole machine, then we need to choose the suitable cooling mode, so that the temperature is in a uniform state.

All of the above methods can improve the results.In this way, it will be able to keep the copper wire drawing machine  in a state of temperature balance, so as to ensure the smooth operation of the drawing work.http://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com/