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The significance and function of the control of the slip control of copper wire drawing machine

Dec 30, 2018

The research found that in the process of drawing wire by copper wire drawing machine, in order to maintain the stability of the equipment, it is required to control the slip to about 5%, and the line speed ratio of the meter wheel and the upper wheel should always be stable at 95. %, when less than 95%, the slip increases, the copper wire will be ground on the upper wheel and the coiled copper wire will be loosened, resulting in poor quality. When it is greater than 95%, it will lead to coiling copper wire products. The roll is too tight or even breaks the copper wire.


It can be seen that for copper wire drawing machine equipment, the key to improving the wire drawing performance and improving the quality of copper wire drawing is whether it can quickly and accurately reduce the linear speed of the winding shaft, and always maintain the line of the meter wheel and the upper wheel. The speed ratio is stable at 95%.


However, there are three reasons for the abnormal slip in the copper wire drawing machine: 1. The line speed detecting component is abnormal due to the unstable line speed; 2. The slip controller is affected by the external temperature, vibration and aging. Control deviation and abnormality; 3, take-up axis speed adjustment device is an important part to control the stability of the slip, therefore, the start-up running time and stop performance of the motor that drives the take-up axis speed adjustment device will directly affect the stability of the slip.www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com