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Which working places are the straight line wire drawing machine suitable for

Dec 31, 2018

The straight line wire drawing machine includes two structural types, one is a vertical structure, and the other is a horizontal structure. In the process of drawing the steel wire using the wire drawing device, it is from one roll to another, without passing any guide wheel, the wire is simple, and the threading is convenient. In addition, the number of wires stored on the reel is limited, so that the quality of the wire can be improved.


At the same time, there is a great advantage in using the straight line wire drawing machine equipment, which is to reduce the wear of the drawing die and prolong the service life of the die. This is because the machine has the characteristics of pulling back and pulling, which can reduce the pulling force, which can also reduce the power consumption.


Not only that, during the actual operation, for different drawing operations, the straight line wire drawing machine equipment can adjust the compression ratio of its part in a wide range, ensuring the proper drawing process and drawing speed. For the time being, we mainly use this series of wire drawing equipment for drawing high-strength, large-size steel wire and profiled steel wire.www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com