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Design of the drawing part of the inverted wire drawing machine

Jan 01, 2019

In order to better understand the working principle of the inverted wire drawing machine, it is necessary to have a relevant understanding of the wire drawing die used. In fact, the structure, shape size, surface quality and material of the drawing die have a great influence on the quality, output, energy consumption and cost of the product. The widest section of the drawing die hole has a large section through the inlet zone, and the blank is easy to enter the die hole, and the lubricant is easily fed into the lubrication zone and the working zone of the working area.


During the drawing process of the inverted wire drawing machine, the wire drawing die will be subject to large friction, especially during the drawing process, because the drawing speed is high, the tool wears quickly; therefore, the material requirements of the drawing die It has high hardness, high abrasion resistance and sufficient strength. Commonly used mold materials are diamond, hard alloy, steel, cast iron and corundum ceramic.


Second, the pulling force should also be considered. This is because, as the inverted wire drawing machine is operated, the tip of the blank is subjected to drawing, and stress is generated inside the blank. The force applied to the tip of the blank to guide the blank into the die hole is called the drawing force, and the product is at the exit of the die. The ratio of the cross sections is called the drawing stress. The drawing stress cannot exceed the strength limit of the steel wire, otherwise the wire will be broken.www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com