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Description of drawing operation of the inverted vertical drawing machine

Dec 29, 2018

The inverted vertical drawing machine not only has the convenience of unloading the wire, but also has a large capacity of the wire take-up frame, and the replacement of the wire take-up frame is relatively simple, so that a high working efficiency is achieved. In practical applications, it can be used in conjunction with continuous wire drawing machine equipment, as a finished reel, rewinding heavy steel wire and non-ferrous metal wire. The main components of the inverted vertical drawing machine are motor, gear box, machine base, wire drawing reel, rotary table, take-up frame and column.


For the user, the main advantage of using the inverted vertical drawing machine is that it can be used to pull large-sized wire. For many materials that are difficult to pull, the wire drawing device can achieve higher efficiency.


The inverted vertical drawing machinee is widely used for the drawing work of metal wire. Under normal circumstances, the equipment can continuously pull 1-3 tons of wire at one time, and the processed product directly falls into the take-up reel, which is convenient for a deeper level processing. The device has the dual functions of wire drawing and wire take-up, and is suitable for various non-ferrous metal wires such as high, medium and low carbon steel bars and profiled steel wire.www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com