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Improvement of Frequency Conversion Retrofit Control System for Straight-through Wire Drawing Machine

Dec 14, 2018

The straight-through wire drawing machine belongs to the advanced one of the current drawing devices. By using the control system composed of the frequency converter, the problem of stability and adaptability of the system operation is overcome. Through practical application, it can be seen that the use of variable frequency speed control technology to upgrade the old wire drawing machine, the operation is more convenient, improve the automation control level of the production process and the reliability of equipment operation and operation.


During the operation of the equipment, after the wire passes through the first die hole of the straight-through wire drawing machine, it passes through the tuning roller, the guide wheel and then enters the second die hole. Repeat the final arrival line structure in turn. The utility model has the characteristics of automatically adjusting the rotation speed of each reel to adapt to the uneven wear of the drawing die of each pass in the drawing.


If the drawing die of the two adjacent passes of the straight-through wire drawing machine is inconsistent, the wires of the adjacent two rolls become loose or more tensioned, which causes the position of the tuning roller under constant force to change, and the displacement The sensor converts the change of the tuning roller position into the frequency change of the frequency converter driving the variable frequency motor, thereby adjusting the speed of the variable frequency motor, so that the adjacent reel reaches the purpose of automatically adjusting the coordinated speed.http://chinawiredrawingmachine.com/