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Main features of small water tank wire drawing machine

Dec 13, 2018

The small water tank wire drawing machine is smaller and lighter than the ordinary type of wire drawing equipment. It adopts an integrated closed design bearing box, double bearing concentricity to prevent water leakage into the bearing, and the active tower wheel adopts a hard alloy tower wheel for durability. . Low vibration and long life are ideal for drawing filaments.


When operating the small tank drawing machine equipment, we drafted the coarse gauge metal wire to form a thin metal wire. Since the drawing process is formed by the mold, the stainless steel semi-finished product is heated by friction when pulled from the mold, and even a short time of temperature rise causes the risk of high temperature oxidation on the surface of the semi-finished product.


Therefore, in the process of drawing, it is necessary to solve this problem through design. A wire take-up frame can be arranged outside the frame of the small water tank wire drawing machine, and a sealed water tank is fixed on the machine base, and a wire hole is opened in the water tank near the side wall of the wire take-up frame, and the water tank is opened away from the side wall of the wire take-up frame. Two sets of vertically arranged reel spindles are supported on the frame by bearings, and the mold and the two sets of reel frames are arranged in the water tank. When the wire drawing is required, the insulating oil with a certain temperature is added into the water tank, which not only has The function of lubrication can also be insulated in the drawing, so that the stainless steel semi-products will not be oxidized when they return to local high temperature.