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Stretching Conditions and Quality Control Measures of Copper Wire Drawing Machine Running

May 22, 2018

In the production of wire and cable conductive core work, wire drawing processing is an important part. From the production point of view, we need to further improve the process of quality control and optimization of the process, this will not only improve the copper wire drawing machine production efficiency, bring economic benefits to enterprises, while also greatly improving product quality.


In fact, in the drawing process of copper wire drawing machine equipment, a certain stretch treatment is mainly performed on the wire rod. Stretching belongs to the scope of pressure processing. During the stretching process, very little dust is produced, and the volume changes little. Therefore, the volume of metal before and after stretching is considered to be equal.


Under normal circumstances, during the operation of the copper wire drawing machine equipment, we must meet the basic conditions for stretching: 1. Material (qualified material); 2. Pulling force (pulling machine, pulling wheel meets performance requirements); 3. Mold ( Mold must meet the requirements); 4, lubricants (concentration, temperature, cleanliness in line with regulatory requirements); 5, adequate cooling liquid.


With the operation of copper wire drawing machine equipment, the wire will undergo a certain deformation. It undergoes three major stages in the deformation process: The first stage is the lubrication stage, which is done in the lubrication zone of the mold. With the movement of the wire, the lubricant is brought into the lubrication zone, the lubrication zone forms a pool, so that the lubricant is saved, so as to play the role of lubricating wire; the second phase is the deformation phase, which is in the deformation zone of the die hole. As the metal wire passes through this zone, plastic deformation takes place, the compression of the cross-section of the wire decreases, and the desired shape and size are obtained.


The final stage is the setting phase, which helps to ensure that the wire is exactly and uniformly sized and shaped. During the operation of copper wire drawing machine equipment, regarding the control of its quality, the main measures taken are: 1. The copper rod is carefully checked on the front of the car to ensure the quality of the copper rod is qualified; 2. The copper rod welding is smooth and firm; 3. The inspection is strengthened. ; 4, copper wire drawing machine main motor and constant speed wheel motor and cable speed synchronization, and maintain a constant tension line.http://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com/