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Inverted wire drawing machine bearing capacity and output

May 23, 2018

Analyze from the current production situation, the inverted drawing machine has played a crucial role in the drawing operation. At the same time taking into account the rapid development and requirements of high-speed wire drawing, people have improved the inverted drawing machine, which makes its own structure has been optimized, performance has been improved.


In general, the bearing capacity of different inverted wire drawing machine equipment mainly depends on its model, and the different carrying capacity of the model is also different. From this point of view, if a larger diameter steel bar is to be machined, it is necessary to select the corresponding drawing equipment with a larger load carrying capacity. In addition, when pulling steel bars, the force applied to the equipment varies depending on the amount of rebar reduction.


It can be seen that when the type of inverted drawing machine is different, the force it bears when drawing steel bars is not the same. However, the basic principle is to increase the pull force required for reducing the diameter of the steel bar, so that it is possible to ensure that the drawing machine frame is not deformed or tilted at the same time as the reduction of the steel bar.


It should be noted that when selecting a chain for an inverted wire drawing machine, it is necessary to strictly follow the designed amount for the purchase. Remember that the pull of the chain should be greater than the pull required to reduce the diameter of the reinforcement. For example, type 800 wire drawing equipment can be used ordinary chain, ring chain steel diameter 12-16mm; but if the 1200 type wire drawing equipment, the chain should choose two sets of chain, to meet the processing required pull.


Therefore, for different processing diameter requirements, we need to select the inverted drawing machine equipment of the corresponding model specifications. Only in this way can we meet production requirements. For example, if a large-diameter disk is to be machined, it is often necessary to select a larger model. It should be noted that only the diameter of the reel is large enough to allow the coil to be bent into a disk.


For such requirements, the structure of inverted wire drawing machine equipment has been improved and optimized. For example, a fully automatic wire drawing machine can be used in combination with an inverted wire drawing machine, so that it can have the functions of wire release, phosphorus removal and pre-alignment at the same time. , making the drawing process more smooth.http://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com/