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Copper wire drawing machine application and improvement effect analysis

May 17, 2018

The copper wire drawing machine is mainly used for production and processing of copper wire required for processing. It belongs to standard parts and other metal production pre-processing equipment. The purpose is to manufacture metal products manufactured by copper wire manufacturers and transported to standard parts. The wire rods or rods are drawn through a copper wire drawing machine, so that the diameter, roundness, internal metallographic structure, and surface finish of the wire rods or rods reach the required raw material processing requirements.


It can be seen that in the process of using copper wire drawing machine equipment, the pretreatment quality of wire rods and rods will directly affect the quality of products in the later period. The equipment belongs to the metal wire drawing machine of the metal product equipment industry and has been widely used in the production and pre-processing of copper wires of different specifications. With its wide application, people have higher and higher requirements for the energy-saving of the device.


During the operation of copper wire drawing machine equipment, it is often required to maintain a certain temperature. At present, most of the wire drawing machine equipments on the market use heating methods that are usually heated by resistance heating coils. This heating method is to transfer heat to the cylinder through contact conduction. Only the heat inside the cylinder surface can be transmitted to the cylinder, so most of the external heat is lost to the air and there is a loss of heat conduction. And cause the ambient temperature to rise.


In view of this situation, certain improvement measures can be taken to improve the working efficiency of copper wire drawing machine equipment and reduce energy consumption. For example, an electromagnetic heating ring is used for heating and heating, which can make the operation of the equipment more stable and also reduce the failure.


At the same time, this heating method has a faster heating rate, is easy to use, and has an obvious energy saving effect, which greatly reduces the production cost of the company. At the same time, high-efficiency thermal insulation devices are used to minimize the heat loss, so that a substantial power saving effect can be achieved. In short, after being improved, the working conditions of copper wire drawing machine equipment have been improved, and good environmental protection effects have also been achieved.