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Inverted wire drawing machine start, operation and shutdown specific operation introduction

May 16, 2018

Before turning on the inverted wire drawing machine, the onsite staff should first check whether the amount of oil in the gearbox is sufficient. Usually, the oil level is required to remain in the center of the oil window. Secondly, before turning on the machine, check the condition of the electrical wiring of the Inverted wire drawing machine and check whether the contact is good, aging, or broken skin. In addition, we must pay attention to checking whether the air pressure is normal and whether the body has any problems such as deformation.


In addition, it is also necessary to check the connection of the parts of the Inverted wire drawing machine, especially whether the wear of the transmission part is within the normal range. At the same time, it is necessary to check whether the electrical button is normal and flexible and whether the cooling water is circulated before the device is turned on.


After the above checks are confirmed, the next step is to start the inverted wire drawing machine as required and bring it into normal operation. At this time, according to the size of the wire, the wire drawing die is mounted on the wire drawing frame. Then turn on the power, gradually shorten the wire rod on the heading machine, pass through the wire drawing mold, and perform lubrication and cooling. Pull the wire rod slowly to the stop after a few turns with a zipper. Then activate the left and right cylinder buttons to tighten the wire and remove the zipper. Start the main motor, fine-tune the main unit and the take-up knob to match the best state, then adjust the total knob to the appropriate speed.


If the specifications of the processed wire remain unchanged, the rotary knob can be directly adjusted to the proper speed when restarting the inverted wire drawing machine. After the end of the production work, the equipment shall be shut down in accordance with the normal procedures. After the work is completed, the equipment shall be routinely wiped and maintained. The environmental hygiene of the machine table and its surroundings shall be maintained. The site shall be cleaned and disposed according to the "6S" standard.


In addition, we must pay attention to proper daily maintenance, the main contents include: 1, regular inspection of Inverted wire drawing machine drawing wheel, the pressure wheel wear, and whether the various parts of the connection bolt loose phenomenon; 2, check the inside of the transmission every day Lubricant oil level, and regularly add lubricating oil; 3, daily check the electrical circuit contact is good, whether the wire has broken skin aging phenomenon, and clean up the electrical box.