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Basic principles of Water tank wire drawing machine design

May 09, 2018

After continuous improvement, the water tank drawing machine showed obvious advantages compared with similar equipment. The device is not only lighter, has a smaller footprint, but also saves energy and reduces consumption. When the user needs to change the relevant parameters such as drawing pass and compression ratio due to product changes, the main body of the equipment may not be moved, but only a slight change of the relevant parts of the water tank drawing machine can be completed.


In order to ensure the overall performance of the tank drawing machine, it is necessary to strictly follow the requirements of the design of the tower wheel. The part of the tower wheel is the core part of the whole machine, and the production, quality and consumption are all related to the design of the part of the tower wheel. It should be noted that the appropriateness of the gradient of the tower wheel and the elongation factor of the steel wire is the most important. In simple terms, it is actually how to retain the sliding coefficient.


If the slip coefficient is too small, wire breakage may occur due to the negative effect of die hole and tower wheel error during operation of the water tank drawing machine. Conversely, if the coefficient remains large, excessive slip will have serious consequences. In fact, there is a certain difference between the required slip coefficients for different wire rods. Generally for medium and high carbon steel wire, the sliding coefficient should not exceed 2%, while the first group of tower wheel sliding coefficients can also be taken as low.


With the analysis of the production process requirements, it is also necessary to relax the product's partial compression rate range so that it can be adapted to different products. However, the tower gradient is determined with reference to the minimum partial compression ratio and a certain sliding coefficient, and the greater the partial compression ratio is, the larger the sliding coefficient is. It can be seen that the wider the compression ratio range, the greater the loss of the water tank drawing machine and must therefore be controlled within a suitable range.


Considering the operation of the water tank drawing machine, in the long-term drawing process, due to the influence of different forces, the tower wheel is damaged. It is a high-priced wearing part. The size of the tower wheel directly affects the cost of consumption. . Therefore, in the design process, when determining the size of the tower wheel, both application and cost reduction should be achieved. With the successful design of the tower wheel part, the superiority of the water tank drawing machine equipment can be fully realized.http://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com/