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Straight-cut wire drawing machine parameter setting points

Aug 03, 2018

The core use problem of the straight-through wire drawing machine is to ensure that the "flow rate" of the materials of the same sense is the same, that is, the line speed and the cross-sectional area of the wires are required to be the same. Since the tower wheels are generally the same size, the mold diameter can basically meet the requirements of use without considering the wear.


Therefore, during the use of straight-through wire drawing machine equipment, the most important parameters are gear ratio and motor speed. When there is no material to be processed, let the inverter run to 50 Hz, then use the tachometer to measure the motor speed and the tower wheel speed, divide the motor speed by the gear ratio obtained by the tower wheel speed, and then input the gear ratio to the corresponding In the mechanical parameters.


It should be noted that in the operation of the straight-through wire drawing machine, the setting method for each joint can be performed according to the above steps, except for the winding. After setting other mechanical parameters, press the confirm button to modify, and then check whether the parameters of each inverter are consistent with the mechanical parameter gain displayed on the touch screen.http://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com/