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Some measures that can be taken in the use of straight line wire drawing machine

Nov 22, 2018

For different environmental conditions, appropriate protective measures should be taken during the use of straight line wire drawing machine. For example, in prestressed concrete structures and components (beams, plates, etc.) working in a severely corrosive medium environment, the concrete should be made dense during construction, no cracks should be formed, and the thickness of the protective layer should be increased to apply anticorrosive paint on the concrete.


If straight line wire drawing equipment is used to pull the wire rods for prestressed steel wires and steel strands used in harsh environments, pure steel or pure steel should be used to minimize impurities in the steel wire rod. There must be no defects such as splitting, internal cracks, and bad structures.


In the process of operating the straight line wire drawing machine, it is necessary to strictly carry out the drawing process, and the cracks on the surface and inside of the steel wire must not occur, and the residual stress of the steel wire and the steel strand should be eliminated as much as possible in the subsequent stabilization process. In the tensioning process, the lower tension control stress should be selected, that is, the difference between the tensile tension control stress and the breaking tension.http://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com/