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Development and interaction of copper wire drawing machines and their related configurations

Nov 21, 2018

With the application and development of copper wire drawing machine equipment, the transmission precision of the speed reducer is also getting higher and higher. The reducer has a very important position in wire drawing applications, and the important parts of the wire drawing machine motor and drum have also been developed. This has increased the difficulty of drawing machine selection. Correspondingly, with the development of reducers, etc., copper wire drawing machines have also been better developed.


In the process of drawing the wire rod, the copper wire drawing machine mainly presses the metal material by the drawing die, and the round copper bar can be processed into the required single round copper wire of various specifications by drawing and drawing. The wire drawing machine is composed of a wire drawing portion and a winding portion, and the wire drawing portion is composed of a wire drawing wheel, a mold fixing frame and a mold.


In the production operation of the copper wire drawing machine, the wire passes through the die and is wound on the wire drawing wheel, and when the wire drawing wheel and the take-up wheel are running, the take-up wheel operates to provide the traction tension of the wire, and the wire is drawn by the pulling tension. The winding of the wheel causes the wire to pass through the wire drawing die, so that the wire is continuously thick to fine, thereby obtaining wires of different wire gauges.http://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com/