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Inverted vertical drawing machine compression ratio setting

Nov 20, 2018

The compression ratio, as a key parameter in the design of theInverted vertical drawing machine, directly affects the performance of the equipment. If the drawing device is used to pull a thin steel wire, it is recommended to select the constant power drawing mode of the motor at high speed. The compression ratio of the machine should be as small as possible; if it is used for drawing large size and high strength. For steel wire, then a constant torque drawing method is required, and the machine compression ratio should be larger.


That is to say, once the compression rate changes, it will cause corresponding changes in the drawing line speed, motor power, process compression rate, drawing force, etc. of each line of the inverted wire drawing machine, thus compressing the wire drawing machine. At the time of the rate, it is necessary to consider the performance of the machine, and at the same time ensure the mechanical characteristics of the selected main motor.


Usually, after the process is formulated, the speed matching of the drawing drum for the Inverted vertical drawing machine will be completely realized by the electrical system. For the drawing device, the drawing process of the drawing is determined, and then the actual process compression rate is a fixed value.http://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com/