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Reasons for die damage of dry wire drawing machine

Feb 15, 2020

During the wire drawing process, the compression rate set by the wire drawing machine is unreasonable, which may cause scratches or cracks in the die of the wire drawing machine. This situation is generally caused by internal stress relief. The compression rate of the drawing surface exceeds the normal value, which will cause the surface temperature to rise due to the failure to lubricate normally, causing some of the material on the mold surface to be transferred, and its stress will increase, exacerbating the wear.


During the drawing process, due to the mismatch between the material and the die hole, in this case, the stress on the material and the drawing die will suddenly increase and decrease, and the impact of the vibration of the drawing machine will also affect the wire and the drawing die. Causes a very high stress peak, which makes the mold wear more serious.


During the operation of the wire drawing machine, factors such as uneven production quality of the material due to annealing problems may cause the diamond wire drawing die to fatigue prematurely, forming an annular groove, thereby accelerating the wear of the die hole. It may be caused by the condition of the material. If the surface of the processed wire is not smooth, and it is also contaminated with other impurities such as oxide layer and sand, it will cause the mold to wear too quickly.


When the wire of the wire drawing machine passes through the die hole, the above oxide layer or other adhering impurities will cause the die hole of the wire drawing die to quickly wear and scratch the surface of the wire. If the lubricating quality is unqualified, during the drawing process of the wire drawing machine, the die hole will heat up quickly due to the lack of proper lubrication protection, causing damage to the die.