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Precautions for operating inverted wire drawing machine

Jan 23, 2020

1. When operating the inverted wire drawing machine, the operator must abide by the relevant guidelines. Only this is enough to ensure that our production operations can be successfully completed. First of all, the operator of the inverted wire drawing machine should be clearly designated, and the operating staff who are not in this position should not operate the machine without consent.

2. In addition, no one is allowed to dismantle the safety protection equipment at will, and it is not allowed to replace the parts in between. Secondly, it should be ensured that the jog switch of the equipment is kept active, and the time when not in use should be placed in a hidden place to prevent misuse.

3. Operators should pay special attention to protect their personal safety when operating the die-dressing machine. Never put their hands on the rolling part of the die-dressing machine, nor put their hands on the die-dressing machine roller After the machine is used, the power supply should be closed in time. Wear protective glasses when connecting to prevent sparks from flying out and injuring people.

4. During the operation of the inverted wire drawing machine, the equipment may not be inspected or cleaned to prevent accidents. Before opening the inverted wire drawing machine, all the debris on the equipment should be cleaned up to prevent it from being caught in the equipment and constitute an accident. Do not use core loosening, which may be a broken disk. In addition to this, care should be taken that no personnel other than operating personnel are present around the equipment.

5. When operating an inverted wire drawing machine, if an open flame is found, it is necessary to extinguish it in time. If the craft cannot be extinguished, the power should be cut off, and then use the fire extinguisher to aim at the root of the flame to extinguish. The fire extinguisher after use shall be stored in the designated place.