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Skills for controlling the speed of Inverted vertical wire drawing machine

Jan 06, 2020

When the inverted wire drawing machine is in operation, the speed control requirements are very high, and the accuracy of the inverted wire drawing machine is very high in operation. This requires a special mechanical device to provide an accurate and smooth linear speed.

The inverted wire drawing machine itself is such a device, and its system has very high requirements for speed control. The entire system is relatively complex, and the control equipment requires coordination between various motors. The system is controlled by four servo motors, which can fully meet the real-time interaction between data.

In order to ensure the location of the track side line according to the algorithm, it is required that the lines of the line can be calculated quickly. Make full use of the internal firmware function of the servo, and the calculation of the driver itself greatly omits the total time calculated by the line position of the control system of the traditional inverted wire drawing machine. Then send the command to the driver to ensure the line to minimize the delay through the controller.

The motor of the inverted wire drawing machine is driven by a pulley and gears to drive the reel placed on the output shaft of the gearbox to rotate, and the drawing wire is completed. The drawn wire is introduced into the wire drop frame through the lead roller, and the wire drop frame of the inverted wire drawing machine rotates synchronously with the drum.