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Operation rules for rough drawing operation of wire drawing machine

Apr 06, 2020

(1) During the operation, the roll tip should be carried out in order from the largest to the smallest roll groove, otherwise, the tip tip machine will be stuck. At the same time, it is necessary to maintain the uniformity of the head to prevent the steel wire from tying the flat burr.

(2) When matching the mold, it should be carried out according to the process requirements. When the upper mold is used, the sealing gasket should be checked to see if the sealing performance is good to avoid water leakage.

(3) The position of each die box should be adjusted. When the steel wire comes out of the die hole, it should enter the reel horizontally from the tangent direction to prevent problems in the middle pass, such as cracks.

(4) Fill in the tracking card carefully, and fill in the specifications, furnace number, production date, operator number and other information clearly, and fill in the operation record form carefully.

(5) During the production process of the wire drawing machine, the lubricant in the mold box should be fresh and diligently stirred, and the coke and debris in the mold box should be cleaned in time to avoid problems.

(6) During the drawing process, the reel and drawing die must be kept in a good cooling state.