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Main points and implementation standards of wire drawing machine production control

Nov 09, 2020

The application of wire drawing machine equipment is more and more extensive. When in use, some related issues still need our attention. Among them, special attention should be paid to the production control points and implementation standards of wire drawing machine equipment. Next, we will mainly share this aspect.

First of all, we need to understand what the main points of the production control of the wire drawing machine include: in fact, the control of the production of the equipment is mainly reflected in two aspects, and special attention should be paid to meeting the control requirements of the tension storage, which is mainly for the wire drawing process of the equipment In the process, the line speed of the process can be synchronized with the winding speed, etc. to achieve better work efficiency. The main control points are as follows: 1. The compressed air part needs to be controlled well; 2. The take-up part needs to control the balance of the line.

Another aspect of control points is to carry out good control in the winding link. The second aspect is to control in the take-up link. We know that when wire drawing machine equipment is in production, wire take-up is also a very important link, so the main point of control in this regard is to use qualified wire baskets, while controlling the wire spacing and stroke size.

During production and processing, we need to implement it in accordance with specific implementation standards. This is because only if it meets the production standards, does it mean that our production work meets the requirements for use, and it has real value and significance. Similarly, for a wire drawing machine that produces metal wires, during the drawing process, the diameter, roundness, and internal metallographic structure of the wire need to meet the standards and requirements required for standard parts production.

Therefore, in order to meet this production standard, the actual production situation needs to be considered at the same time during the pretreatment process. And strictly control every link in the production of wire drawing machine equipment. In this way, the processed metal wire can meet the requirements of national standards and meet the requirements of use.