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Operating characteristics and requirements of water tank type wire drawing machine

Nov 07, 2020

The water tank type wire drawing machine is convenient to use, simple to operate and low in manufacturing cost. In the process of drawing, there is no relative sliding between the steel wire and the surface of the drum in the circumferential direction of the drum, and the wear on the two surfaces is relatively small, and when a drum is temporarily stopped, the water tank type The reels behind the drawing machine can still work for a period of time depending on their respective storage capacity.

In addition, because the water tank type wire drawing machine has a certain line integration coefficient, the metal wire stays on the coil for a long time during the drawing process, which is beneficial to the sufficient cooling of the steel wire. The function of the cable release device is to move the cable to the direction of the machine head at the beginning of the winding, and the second is to make the cable gradually move towards the machine head as time elongs and the thickness of the cake increases during the winding process. Move right. Keep the distance between the flat wire and the surface layer of the wire cake constant, so as to ensure the same tension between the inner and outer layers of the wire cake.

Therefore, in response to different drawing requirements, the entire processing flow can be made simpler and easy to operate through the device. This equipment has become a widely used mechanical equipment in industrial applications, widely used in machinery manufacturing, hardware processing, petrochemicals, plastics, bamboo and wood products, wire and cable industries.

As a user, in the process of operating the water tank type wire drawing machine equipment, you must carefully read the instructions and technical data in advance to avoid batch scrap or waste. In addition, the wire drawing direction and the wire drawing surface should be carefully determined according to the technical requirements during processing operations, and the wire drawing abrasive belt should be selected correctly. Wear gloves during the entire processing operation. Pay attention to the surface protection of the workpiece to prevent scratches and damage to the surface of the workpiece and cause waste.

Remember, during the drawing of the water tank type wire drawing machine equipment, it is not allowed to use the workpiece without cleaning treatment to directly draw the wire. Under normal circumstances, the finished workpieces that have been processed should be handled with care and layered protective packaging to avoid injury to the surface of the workpieces, so as to ensure the working quality of the water tank drawing machine equipment.