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Selection of reducer for inverted wire drawing machine

Nov 05, 2020

In the process of drawing operations, the inverted wire drawing machine needs to be equipped with a suitable reducer equipment. The reducer used in this series of wire drawing machines is different from the common ZQ reducer or ZD reducer. Due to the special structure of its own, the selected reducer should have a large weighing force to carry the inverted wire drawing machine reel itself The weight and the pulling force of the steel bar.

Under normal circumstances, when selecting a reducer, first determine the load capacity of the inverted wire drawing machine. And according to the diameter of the drawn steel bar and the size of the finished product, the required power is calculated, and then the weight of the reel itself is added to calculate the bearing capacity of the reducer. According to the carrying capacity, determine the center distance and size of each gear of the reducer.

After determining the outer dimensions of the inverted wire drawing machine reducer according to the above method, it is also necessary to calculate the size of each gear, the material to be used and the heat treatment method. Usually a three-stage reduction is used. The first-stage input gear is a spiral bevel gear, also called a spiral bevel gear. It has the characteristics of high transmission efficiency, stable transmission ratio, high carrying capacity, stability and reliability, long service life, low noise, etc. .

Then the gears of the second and third stages belong to helical cylindrical gears. Helical cylindrical gears are commonly used gear types for reducers. They have good transmission and long service life. In other words, after the shape and internal gear of the inverted wire drawing machine reducer are determined, the sealing of the reducer must be considered. Because the output shaft of the reducer is placed vertically, when gear oil is added to the reducer body, after normal operation, make sure that the gear oil cannot flow out with the output shaft.

For such a special structure design, we also need to design a set of oil circuit sealing system with high sealing performance for the reducer. In this way, the normal and stable operation of the equipment can be ensured in actual operation to meet the work of the inverted wire drawing machine. Requirements to ensure product quality.