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Inverted wire drawing machine speed control and mold maintenance

Sep 30, 2018

The inverted wire drawing machine is very important for its speed control during operation. This requires the control system to provide a very accurate and smooth line speed. In general, the system of the inverted wire drawing machine requires very high speed control.


In the control system of the inverted wire drawing machine, the whole system is more complicated, and the control equipment requires coordination between the motors. The system is controlled by four servo motors, which can fully meet the real-time interaction between data. In order to ensure that the side of the track side line according to the algorithm, the wire of the row is required to be quickly calculated. Taking full advantage of the servo internal firmware function, the calculation of the drive itself greatly omits the total time calculated by the line position of the conventional wire drawing machine control system. Then send the instructions to the drive, making sure the line is to minimize the delay through the controller.


In addition, a set of routine maintenance standards must be customized for the inverted wire drawing machine during daily work. During the operation, once the template is slightly worn, it should be polished in time, so that the template can be restored to the original polished state in a short time, and the hole size does not change much.http://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com/