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Introduction of inverter control and application of inverted vertical drawing machine

Jan 24, 2018

Variable frequency speed regulation has the advantages of saving energy, convenient speed regulation, flexible starting torque, low speed start, no impact on power grid, stable work, reliable etc.Now this kind of speed regulation method has been widely used in the inverted vertical drawing machine.

Under normal circumstances, such requirements should be met during the work of the inverted vertical drawing machine:1. The main motor speed can be adjusted;2. The main motor can start at low speed and high torque;3. The motor speed can be adjusted and coordinated with the main motor speed;4. The trolley motor should be able to turn the motor back and forth, and take off control during the operation of the whole machine so as to avoid accidental operation.

In general,  inverted vertical drawing machine is one of the important equipment in metal wire processing. It is generally used to process metal raw materials into various specifications.The equipment is mainly composed of pay off, drawing, water cooling, take up and winding displacement.The electrical transmission part mainly consists of the pay off motor, the take up motor and the winding displacement motor.For the user, its production direct connection and efficiency are very important.

Of course, for different requirements, different precision both different processing specifications of products and different material types in the actual production, we should choose the corresponding specifications of the inverted wire drawing machine equipment.At present, with the application and promotion of frequency conversion technology, the accuracy and stability of the equipment are improved obviously, and the users are more and more.

To sum up, in practical application, the inverted vertical drawing machine belongs to a drawing device for drawing metal wires.The equipment adopts the new technology of the manufacturer to realize low cost and high efficiency, and ensures the quality of the product.This makes inverted vertical drawing machine received the customer's unanimous praise, the market prospect is good.http://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com/