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What are the advantages of full automatic unattended copper wire drawing machine?

Jan 25, 2018

Copper wire drawing machine is a kind of widely used mechanical equipment, which is also a large customer demand.Fully understand the performance of copper wire drawing machine, it can help the manufacturer to produce efficiently, and the quality of the products.

In particular,with the development and application of automation technology,the full automatic unattended copper wire drawing machine in the market is very popular with users.As we all know, in recent years, with the increase of labor costs, the pressure of enterprises in the production process has been increasing.Especially in the production of wire drawing, it is often necessary to maintain the continuous operation state for a long time.

In response to such industry pressure, we have introduced a more advanced and better full automatic unattended copper wire drawing machine, which can maintain a good running state during operation.The full automatic take up machine has been added to the equipment which is already based on the original 24 - mode copper wire drawing machine.Therefore, the whole process can be accomplished through microcomputer and manipulator.

About the production process of the fully automatic unmanned copper wire drawing machine can be summarized as follows: slow to the number of meters after automatic stop, automatic manipulator to cut off the wire, manipulator discharging plate, automatic manipulator installed above the plate, manipulator the wound on the iron plate, automatic startup, etc., the whole process of movements have been circulating.

Therefore, during the handover, the operator on the spot only needs to put the empty plate needed by one class on the wire rack.An operator can operate many such fully automatic copper wire drawing machines simultaneously.

From the practical application, this kind of full automatic unmanned copper wire drawing machine equipment greatly reduces the operation strength of the drawing workers, and effectively improves the efficiency of the equipment.Compared with traditional equipment, the biggest advantage of full automatic unmanned copper wire drawing machine is saving labor and greatly reduce the production cost.http://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com/