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Copper wire drawing machine operating requirements and maintenance

Mar 01, 2018

As a commonly used production equipment, copper wire drawing machine with its own good performance by the user's friend's favorite. In daily production, we need to operate the copper wire drawing machine as required to ensure safe production.


First, the operation of copper wire drawing machine requirements:


Usually before drawing operations, staff need to carefully read the drawings and technical information to prepare for good production. In the processing operations, the need to carefully determine the technical requirements of the drawing direction, drawing surface, the correct choice of drawing belt. In the process of operating copper wire drawing machine, we should pay attention to wear gloves throughout the operation, pay attention to the workpiece surface protection, prevent scratches, resulting in a waste of the workpiece surface.


Remember that unwashed workpieces must not be drawn directly. After the drawing is completed, all finished workpieces should be handled lightly, and layered protective packaging, so as to avoid the workpiece surface injury. After the copper wire drawing machine stops running, it should be promptly cleaned and recycled waste bins, and to ensure the normal operation of the fan.


Second, copper drawing machine equipment maintenance requirements:


1, day maintenance Main content:


Make sure that the copper wire drawing machine is externally clean and hygienic, and check to see if the gas supply lines and fittings are intact. In addition to do a good job on the upper and lower bearing and lifting screw lubrication, timely discharge air filter water, check the belt and balance adjustment.


2, week maintenance main content:


Week maintenance includes not only the contents of the day maintenance, but also check the copper wire drawing machine belt and tension, and appropriate adjustments; check the belt and tension, such as tension is too loose, please transfer to moderate. In short, only standard operation, to be able to ensure efficient copper wire drawing machine equipment to meet the technical requirements. http://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com